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CMD ExeCute

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Fake Mail- DOS E-mail By Victim Server

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Connect back Shell , bypass Firewalls
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nc -l -p 1019

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This site was hacked by noobs from Bangladesh Site now restored

Message to Bangladesh noobs stop hacking pet sites cause you can't earn anything from this if you claim to be pro hackers go ahead and hack government sites cause pets don't do anything wrong to you

admin please update your drupal version and this won't happen again in future if you need help how to do that i will send you an email


Disney Donates $11,500 to Wildlife Organizations

Every year the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund (DWCF) awards emergency financial support to organizations in times of crisis. In February, the DWCF awarded $11,500 to three organizations that aid rhinos, birds, and gorillas respectively: The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, and the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance. Disney’s fund helps ensure that these organizations maintain a team of trained professionals who will continue the important work of monitoring and protecting endangered animals. Since the Rapid Response Program’s inception in 1998, more than 80 projects have been awarded emergency funding.


The Mouse loves turtles too!

After five months of rehabilitation, The Seas Animal Care team at Epcot released Cypress, a small green sea turtle, into the ocean at Disney's Vero Beach Resort. The release of this turtle is part of an ongoing rehabilitation program at The Seas which has nursed more than 220 endangered sea turtles back to health since 1986. Cypress was found trapped in a jetty slightly dehydrated, lethargic and unable to move its lower jaw, so the turtle endured a feeding tube, antibiotic medications and physical therapy while recovering at The Seas. According to the veterinary services team, Cypress responded well to treatment and gained enough strength to be set free.

Source - Disney's MouseMail


Tarpit Reptiles

Just a heads up to everyone. There's a great little place to go for great reptiles, good advice, and fair prices. Swing by Tarpit Reptiles owned and operated by Dan Turner. He's a really nice guy who knows what he's talking about.

He's all about the animals which is great, but if you're like me you may have trouble finding him even with good directions. Here's the lowdown. About .5 miles south of Sarno Rd. on Wickham Rd. in Melbourne, FL there's a new shopping center strip. The most notable store you'll see is an eBay store. Turn in there and drive around to the back of the building, you'll see lots of storefronts you never even knew were there.

I said that he should get a sign but he said that word of mouth is his best advertising (and signage is expensive, he's passing the savings along to you). So I'm doing my part to help spread the word.

You can get a sense of what you'll find there at his website which you can find here. But it's much better to go and browse!

DeLand goes to the dogs


A new kind of park opens in DeLand this weekend. It's a $500,000 dog park called Barkley Square, at 1010 N. Ridgewood Ave. It will offer over 14 acres for dogs to run free in and explore.
Be sure to stop by the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10am if you're in the area. There'll be a low-cost shot clinic and a bone shaped cake for your four-legged friends.


Spay & Neuter in Style

There are some great designs to be found to express your beliefs, but sometimes they're hard to find. Here are a few collections to get started...

Click here and here.



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